Jay Raffi - Music



Devil Love: December 13th @ Turtle Swap Brewery
Old School Game Show: December 14th at Oberon

Devil Love Rock Band

Status: Recording and Performing
Members: Peter Buzzelle (vocals/guitar), Ken Rothman (guitar), Chuck Ferreira (drums), Jay Raffi (bass)

Tell rock with a hint of punk

Status: Recording and Performing
Members: David Wildman (vocals/guitar), Anthony Fournier (drums/vocals), Jay Raffi (bass)

Old School Game Show Swinging Band variety/trivia show with a live band

Status: Performing
Members: Chuck Ferreira (drums/band leader), Various Artists, Jay Raffi (bass)

The Cautions power pop rock

Status: Completed

The Unfamiliars catchy sometimes angry rock stuff

Status: Completed

Cult of Point Break Society (COPBs) perform covers for charity

Status: Hiatus Members: Richard Adkins (founder/drummer), Various Artists, Jay Raffi (bass)

Blastique I don't know what you call it but it was brilliant

Status: Potentially Being Resurrected

Thirteen Even alternative rock, family style

Status: Completed

Zero Tolerance Second band, hard rock metal kind of thing

Status: Completed

Guilty First band. Rock.

Status: Completed